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RAMP Podcast Episodes

Join CEO Tina Guenette Pedersen every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM EST for RAMP's live podcasts with special guests.  Watch on the RAMP Facebook page or The Coalition Radio Network website.

Episode #124

Text: 25th Anniversary Rhode Island Free Clinic

We are talking:  Rhode Island Free Clinic - Free Medical Care and Health Services for RI

With guest: 

Dr. Forrest Daniels, DSc, FACHE - Chief Executive Officer

Click image to watch Episode #124

Episode #123

Text: CareLink One partner for community and post-acute solutions, Rhode Island Top Places to Work.

We are talking:  Carelink RI

With guests: 

Kelley Hurley - ADPI Grant Coordinator

Stephen Paull - Occupational Therapist

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Green and black Home Healthsmith logo with the tagline "mobility plus safety equals freedom". A house silhouette is above name.

Episode #122

We are talking:  Home Healthsmith LLC

With guests: 

Linda Bohmbach - President

Bill Bohmbach - CEO

Click image to watch Episode #122

Episode #121

Providence Street Coalition logo with yellow dashed street lines

We are talking:  Providence Streets Coalition

With guests: 

Liza Burkin - Lead Organizer

Valerie Reishuk - Organizer


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RI Women in the Trades logo with blue anchor, pink hard hat, and pink ribbon in a black shiplap background.

Episode #120

We are talking: Rhode Island Women in the Trades

With guests: 

Anita Bruno - Executive Director, RI Women in the Trades

Heather MacQueen - Compliance/EEO Aetna Bridge, Board Member, Employer Partner

Regina Costa - Member, Costar Construction LLC

Click image to watch Episode #120

Episode #119

RI Office of Healthy Aging logo.PNG

We are talking:  RI Office of Healthy Aging

With guests: 

Maria Cimini - Director

Dana McCants Derisier - Community Living Director Aleatha Dickerson - Network Manager


Click image to watch Episode #119

Black and white AXSLAB and AXSMAP logos with yellow wheelchair icon

Episode #118

We are talking:  AXSLAB

With guests: 

Jason DaSilva - President

Phil Beder - Board Member

Click image to watch Episode #118

Project Insulin logo of a blue "P" with the outline of an insulin bottle in the center

Episode #117

We are talking: Project Insulin

With guest host: 

Diana P. Kamada

With guest: 

Eric Moyal - Executive Director

Click image to watch Episode #117

Multicolored geometric logos for RI Council for the Humanities and RI Civic Health Index

Episode #116

We are talking: Civic Health Index created by The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

With guest: 

Kilah Walters-Clinton - Founder of Innovative Advising

Click image to watch Episode #116

Big Brothers Big Sisters logo with overlapping black and green lines in a B shape

Episode #115

We are talking:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of RI

With guests: 

Tina Santos - Director of Marketing

Kaleigh Perkins - Chief Program Office

Click image to watch Episode #115

RAMP logo with black silhouettes of people with various disabilities and mobility aids in a row atop a black ramp on a white background

Watch all episodes on the Coalition Radio Network YouTube channel

We highlight businesses, resources, and important topics that need to be addressed. A new show is added every Wednesday night after the live show is streamed on RAMP's Facebook page.

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