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RAMP's Impact

See the impact RAMP is having in the community

RAMP in the Community

Dr. Silas Pinto, Director of DEI and Belonging; Tomas Avila, Associate Director RI DEDI; James Vincent, President NAACP Providence; Anita Bruno, CEO RI Women in the Trades; Elvys Ruiz, community DEI engagement

RAMP with Dr. Silas Pinto, Director of DEI and Belonging; Tomas Avila, Associate Director RI DEDI; James Vincent, President NAACP Providence; Anita Bruno, CEO RI Women in the Trades; Elvys Ruiz, community DEI engagement.

RAMP loves being out and about in the community. Whether it's accessing a business, supporting events from other organizations or doing accessibility information to the public, we are here to help.

RAMP does not charge for our services. We are a completely 100% volunteer organization. We are all about breaking barriers and ensuring everyone can afford to learn the importance of accessibility.

RAMP works together with Rhode Island leaders to lift up all of our communities!  Whether you need a motivational speaker, or want to make your business more accessible, RAMP is your one-stop shop.

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Shop in RI: “RAMP”ing Up

Shop in RI dot-com logo

RAMP was thrilled to be featured on, highlighting our dedication to accessibility and inclusion in Rhode Island. This feature also promotes our upcoming Accessibility is Beautiful event, which celebrates the importance of inclusive design and accessibility in our communities.

ABC 6: RAMP Hands Out Its First Accessibility Stamp

A screenshot of video featuring a woman with long gray hair and a green top. A microphone is pointed at her from the bottom of the image and there are large bushes in the background. A blue overlay graphic in the bottom left reads 'Tina Guenette, CEO and Founder of RAMP'.

New England Patriots Difference Maker of the Week

Screencap of the New England Patriots social media announcement of Tina as their Difference Maker of the Week.

Tina has faced many health challenges, including being a 4x cancer survivor. Nine years ago, Tina suffered a spinal stroke, paralyzing her from the waist down. Through these difficulties, Tina has kept a positive attitude and pushed to create meaningful change. She now runs her own national nonprofit based and started in Rhode Island: Real Access Motivates Progress, or RAMP.

Tina educates and advocates for accessibility and inclusion for everyone. She is someone who tries to lead by example. You can find Tina helping homeless individuals, volunteering in a soup kitchen, pushing for positive change at the state house or lending a helping hand to a friend in need. No matter what she is going through, nothing stops Tina from helping others.

Community service is in Tina's DNA. She has completed more than 4,700 hours of community service in the past year. She uses RAMP as a way to share accessibility information with the public. She works with schools, businesses and first responders to improve...

Providence Journal Community Choice Awards

2023 Person of the Year Winner

RAMP is very excited that we took home two great honors at the Providence Journal's 2023 Community Choice Awards!

RAMP was chosen as one of the top 3 nonprofits in Rhode Island. This is a distinguished honor we don’t take lightly and will strive to do all we can to help others.

Our CEO/Founder Tina Guenette was named your 2023 Person of the year. Her dedication to helping others is truly who is at her very core. Making a difference and ensure everyone has a seat at the table is her goal. She is the IDEA - Inclusion Diversity Equity Accessibility, an open positive perspective to include everyone.

Tina is wearing a blue dress and smiling with the Community Choice 2023 backdrop behind her.

RAMP CEO Tina Guenette at the Providence Journal Community Choice Awards ceremony in September 2023.

Congratulations to RAMP and Tina for all your success!

Presidential Appointment for RI Disability Advicate

A smiling woman wearing a black sweater is seated in a wheelchair.

Rhode Islander, Tina Guenette, was appointed by President Joseph Biden this week to serve, along with others on the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Access Board.

The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Access Board is an independent federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards. The Board develops and maintains design criteria for the built environment, transit vehicles, telecommunications equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, and information technology. It also provides technical assistance and training on these requirements and accessible design and continues to enforce accessibility standards that cover federally funded facilities.

Chapter Success Stories - United Spinal Association

Accessibility Advocate Tina Guenette

There are many ways to educate an inaccessible business about accessibility, but no one does it quite like Tina Guenette of Harrisville, Rhode Island. If a business complains about the cost of renovations, she comes back with positive and practical solutions: contractors, tax breaks and a smile.

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Tina Guenette, a wheelchair user wearing a pink dress and pageant crown, is next to a pink sports car at the American Cancer Society

RAMP CEO Tina Guenette next to a pink sports car

Meet USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022

Tina Guenette, a wheelchair user, is wearing a grean gown, rhinestone crown, and pageant sash as she is named USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022

RAMP CEO Tina Guenette crowned as the USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022

The first person of disability to win nationally in a mainstream competition

Words from Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos:

"Tina Guenette, who I am proud to call a friend, has brilliantly represented RI as the first-ever USA SLICC Ambassador with a disability. I was thrilled to welcome her back to Rhode Island after her victory! Tina is a long-time, passionate advocate for equity and the founder of RAMP real access motivates progress. I’m excited to see what she achieves next!"

Words from Congressman James Langevin:

"Rhode Island’s very own disability champion, Tina Guenette, is this year’s USA National SLICC Ambassador! Tina worked incredibly hard, and it paid off, because she is the first person with a disability to win this national title. Congratulations!"

Words from Tina:

"I still can’t believe I’m your new USA National SLICC Ambassador 2022!! This is not a year of being served but a year of serving. Let me help to promote your organization events by inviting me to participate and spreading the word. I want to wear my crown out with lots of community service, always showing up and appearances. The work is just beginning for my year-long job of a lifetime. RHODE ISLAND I’m bringing the crown home!! As the only person of disability to compete at this level, in a mainstream competition and win the national title, I’m proud to say we broke another barrier, and the sky is the limit. Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!"

RAMP and PVD Fest Working Together

RAMP Working to Make PVD Fest Accessible for All

RAMP is very proud to announce its collaboration with the City of Providence to ensure individuals with varying abilities have full access to this year’s PVD Fest June 10-12, 2022.

RAMP will be located in Kennedy Plaza and by the entrance to the skating rink.  Here you will find a shade tent, accessible restrooms information, wheelchairs for loaning, and people ready and willing to answer questions, comments, and/ or concerns you have about accessibility.

You also get to see and use Tina's Table that was just unveiled on May 24th, a beautiful artistic table that redefines public inclusion, accessibility, and function.

RAMP intends to help Providence make this a fully inclusive event and fun for everyone!

PVD Fest Free Outdoor Festival poster over the black and white RAMP logo

RAMP Board Member Recognized for Her Hard Work

Diana Perkins smiles from behind a blue filter. Text: Diana Perkins, CEO includesign, Rhode Island INNO 5 Under 25

Congratulations to includesign, LLC CEO Diana Perkins and RAMP Board Secretary on being named one of the Rhode Island Inno 2021 "5 Under 25"!

Diana was selected "not just for her achievements, but for her ability to focus on the LapSnap's target customer while building the product." 

Read more about Diana, includesign, and her fellow honored entrepreneurs in the latest edition of The Business Journal Rhode Island.

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RI Monthly Magazine - November 2021

Tina Guenette Honored with Inaugural Christianna Carteaux Bannister Award

On Mother’s Day of this year, Tina Guenette suffered a heart attack and a stroke while tackling long-haul COVID symptoms. She went blind for seventy-two hours. And then, she put the whole ordeal out there on the Internet for her podcast subscribers.

“I wanted people to know: Here’s how they’re fixing me — and obviously it worked because I’m back,” Guenette says. “Nothing stops me.”

Guenette, who uses a bejeweled electric wheelchair for mobility, is the founder and president of Real Access Motivates Progress (RAMP), a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for accessibility and inclusion in schools, businesses and the community. She’s performed more than 170 roll-throughs, where she navigates spaces and provides assessments for clients; she also connects them to low-cost accessibility resources. 

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Tina Guenette, a wheelchair user wearing a blue shirt, is shown in a magazine article from RI Monthly

RAMP CEO Tina Guenette in the November 2021 issue of RI Monthly Magazine 

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